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Introduction to Neuromarketing

It’s a fact: the brain is responsible for all our consumer behaviors. Do you want to understand what your customers are focusing on when viewing your creative and how their brain is reacting to your visuals and information? Neuromarketing is an effective new discipline to improve sales and marketing results by applying discoveries from neuroscience.

  • 9 out of the 10 largest Brand in the World using Neuromarketing tools to improve their offering
  • IBM significantly (60%) improved one its e-mail campaign (conversion rate) for tablet and smartphone users
  • Brain scans are proven to be more reliable for behavioral predictions than any other existing market research method.

Get an introduction to Neuromarketing and Consumer Neuroscience tools and methods.

This introductory workshop will help participants to understand what does neuromarketing and consumer neuroscience mean, how can agencies, marketing professionals use its tools and methods. Brand memory is a really crucial component in how we receive brands but also how they imbue value and effect the way in which we perceive and enjoy products, services. Consumer Neuroscience and Neuromarketing has the potential to understand the unconscious drivers of choice.

Do you want to keep updated with the latest research trends and want to understand what does it mean to your business? Register to one of our introductory workshop!

See what previous attendees said about the workshop:

  • “It was really good and informative. Thank you.” – Fahimeh
  • “Glad to see such new initiatives, keep it up! ” – Nora Laura
  • “Interesting topic, competent speakers, friendly atmosphere – what else could you ask for? :)” – Kriszta Molnar
  • “Great workshop and atmosphere ! I got a lot of insights from it. Definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested in marketing and technologies. For sure i will come next time:)” – Stefan
  • “Very professional and fun workshop! Neuromarketing is a difficult topic, but now I can understand more about it! Thank you!” – Linda

***** UPDATE *****

We are going to show participant,

how our ABM B-Alert X10 EEG Brain Monitor and Tobii Pro Eye-tracker works.




Event Organizers

Francis& Son – business design consultancy

Date & Time

10. June 2016 17:00 - 20:30

Entry Fee

Cost for Members: € 15

Cost for Non Members: € 20

Updated on 12. May 2016