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A meeting room, a conference room or garden? We will be happy to help you choose your space as well as organize your event, we will set up audio equipment, arrange for catering from local suppliers and greet your guests with a smile. All room layouts are flexible and suitable for various types of events.

Impact Hub Prague K10

Fireplace up to 12 persons Bistro up to 50 persons Auditorium up to 80 persons Ground Floor* Bistro + Lounge + Fireplace
(up to 80 persons)
Garden 1500 sqm
1 hour CZK 1 000 CZK 1 210 CZK 2 900 CZK 3 509 CZK 2 000 CZK 2 420 price to be agreed price to be agreed
4+ hours (flat rate) CZK 13 000 CZK 15 730 CZK 10 000 CZK 12 100 CZK 18 000 CZK 21 780 price to be agreed price to be agreed
8+ hours (flat rate) CZK 18 000 CZK 21 780 CZK 16 000 CZK 19 360 CZK 28 000 CZK 33 880 price to be agreed price to be agreed
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A special discount on rentals applies to Impact Hub Prague members.

* Price applies to the evening and weekend rentals. In case of a rental through the working day, the price will be calculated individually.

Terms and conditions (*.pdf) apply.

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