We know that we ask you for a lot. But your answers will give us valuable insights about the impact of our community, your specific needs and your overall satisfaction with the services we provide.

At the beginning, you will answer a few questions about your business, projects, and work. Then, there are questions about membership, your satisfaction with the Impact Hub, community, services and mentors. And do not worry, if some questions do not apply or you do not understand them – you can just skip them.

Of course, our community team have prepared a special place where you can ask about anything that interests you. Additionally, we plan to have a joint meeting at the end of the survey and you can write to us anytime at

An everlasting feeling of support for community growth, as well as thousands of thanks from our side. Two of you will also be selected from all completed questionnaires to receive € 300.

It may seem that your response is like a drop in the sea, but the opposite is true. Each answer is counted. We would like to receive not only the global but also the regional report that we are happy to share with you. But we have to meet the condition of 97 completed questionnaires. Will you help us?

It does not matter, you can always return to continue. You only need to have your browser set to keep the window open without deleting or updating. The unique link for each questionnaire is valid in the directory for 2 days.

The survey takes place every year and both printed and online versions of the results are available. The entire report should be completed in the summer and we will be very happy to share it. You can see the results of last year’s survey here.

Are you with us? Well, yay to that!

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