Impact Hub Prague & K10 Coworking Merger

After months of hard work, we officially became one giant community on 1st January 2019. Impact Hub Prague D10 and Impact Hub Prague K10 now share not only their brand but also their vision, mission, values and joint team. What are the practical implications? What can be found where, how to meet each other and where to send your messages?


In August 2018, an acquisition took place resulting in the incorporation of the K10 coworking center into the Impact Hub network. Starting from January 2019, we can say that the Impact Hub network has 4 locations in the Czech Republic:

  • Impact Hub Prague D10 (Smíchov - Drtinova 10)
  • Impact Hub Prague K10 (Vinohrady - Kopernikova 10)
  • Impact Hub Brno
  • Impact Hub Ostrava


There will not be any changes to the operations of D10 and K10. The tariffs (with one exception), prices and terms of membership will remain the same. The exception is the introduction of the Connect tariff and the discontinuation of the Friends tariff at the K10 location. Members, who are currently using the Friends tariff, can use their tariff until the next change they make. Once their tariff has been increased/reduced, it will not be possible to go back to the Friends tariff.

You can use your membership, specifically 30 % of your tariff (up to 30 hours) at other Impact Hub locations in the Czech Republic. You can work in Smíchov in the morning, schedule an appointment in Vinohrady for the afternoon and spend the next two days in Brno or Ostrava. In order for us to be able to provide the necessary comfort for your work and meetings, we would appreciate it if you informed us of your visit in advance. It may happen that we are hosting larger events or planning another unusual situation. Once you arrive, just stop by the info desk. Our team of hosts will be happy to show you the space, explain the rules or recommend the best restaurant in the area. If you have any questions regarding the use of the tariffs, send us a message to [email protected] .

As a member of any Impact Hub in the Czech Republic, you automatically become a member of the entire global network and can use all membership benefits. Every member should choose one primary Impact Hub where they will spend the vast majority of their pre-paid hours. You can use 30 % of your tariff (up to 30 hours) at other Impact Hub locations in the Czech Republic. If you have been a member of D10 as well as K10 until now and need help choosing the right tariff and your primary location, contact our community managers at [email protected].

Your membership contracts will not be changing for now. Members, who are based in D10, have entered into their contracts with Hub s.r.o. and members based in K10 have entered into their contracts with K10 services s.r.o. If you are a K10 member and book a meeting room in D10, you will receive two invoices (and vice versa). The full terms and conditions are available here:

Yes, there are more than 100 Impact Hubs worldwide and our network is still growing. Where can you find us? Check out our global website. You can spend up to 3 business days a year in every Impact Hub outside the Czech Republic free of charge (this applies to all tariffs except for Connect). If you are planning a trip abroad, send us a message to [email protected].

The info desks at both locations have different rules and access regulations. It still applies that members with the Unlimited, Fix Desk or Office (office members) tariffs have unlimited access to their primary Impact Hub. These members have a key to the front door in D10 and there is a 24/7 info desk available in K10. The following opening hours apply to members with lower-level tariffs:

The acquisition of K10 resulted in the addition of 228 interesting personalities. We have more than 1,700 members in total and Hub members in the Czech Republic and abroad include, for example, developers, HR specialists, human rights activists, psychologists, social innovators, marketers and a detective. You can connect with all Impact Hub Czech Republic members using our online platform Hubert.

Yes, as a member of any Impact Hub in the Czech Republic you are a member of the entire network and are able to attend member events at any location. Some member events will be relocated to K10, other will stay in D10. All Hub events will remain free for you to attend and if you decide to organize your own, we will be happy to help. An overview of all planned events can be found in our calendar.


You can book a meeting room using Hubert where you can only see meeting rooms in your primary Impact Hub for now. We are working on the option to book meeting rooms at other locations, of course, and we would like to launch this service some time in 2019. For now, however, please book your meeting rooms using the booking form available on the websites of the individual cities:

All members will be charged member prices for room rentals which are at least 20% lower than standard prices. If you have any other questions regarding meeting room, conference room or K10 garden rentals, please contact our event team at [email protected].


We have created joint communication channels for D10 and K10.

  • We have combined our newsletters into one - our regular HubDates will offer information from both locations.
  • We have merged our social media pages- Facebook and Instagram.
  • We have modified our website. Check it out!

We have created a new structure of e-mail addresses that you can contact for more detailed information:


We would like to invite everyone to our annual New Years' Party that will take place as part of a special edition of the Impact Hub MashUp on Thursday, 24th January at 7:30 p.m. in D10. It is the ideal opportunity to enjoy a proper dose of inspiration and networking in the new year. Will you join us?

It goes without saying that we are also planning a party in the garden in Vinohrady. You will receive your invitation in time 🙂