Stream studio

Record podcasts, stream videos or shoot interviews in our streaming studio right in the center of Prague - Smíchov. There are three "ready to go" scenes for you, and we can prepare as many options for arranging the shooting space as you wish. Moreover, we can also solve production and post-production for you.

3 ready-to-go scenes

We have three original setups ready, so all you have to do is turn on the camera and start recording. The space can be adapted to your liking, and if that’s not enough you can also use the Impact Hub.

100 m2 of space

There’s a 100m2 of space for you — with 3.8-meter-high ceilings, 5.4 meters wide, and 20m long  — plenty of space for all the necessary prep before filming.

Production and post-production services

As already mentioned, we will provide you with complete production and post-production services, including additional professional equipment. While at it, you can also have coffee and a snack.

Technical background in the studio

Our studio is equipped with professional technology, with which you can shoot whatever you need in no time. Arrange to meet us and we will be happy give you a tour to  how you around.

Two mobile acoustic barriers.
Dimensions 200x245cm, NRC 0.8 (80% sound absorption) to soundproof your shooting.
Three permanent softbox tripod lights.
2x softbox 40x70cm, 70W temperature 5400K. 1x softbox 70x70, 420W temperature 5400K.
Two colored decorative lightings.
Smart LIFX bulb to complete the atmosphere, remotely controlled, 2700K - 9000K.
Three different studio backgrounds, or you can mount your own.Backgrounds in white, beige and blue with dimensions 2.7m x 11.0m.
Two tripods for attaching the camera, including holders for a mobile phone.
2x dvoukanálový bezdrátový klopový mikrofon pro kamery (mikroport).
Klopové mikrofony Comica CVM-WM200AComica CVM-WM200A lapel microphones.
High performance PC with OBS program and Livestream option. To use for Youtube, Facebook and other social networks.
Mixing console and a console for controlling the output from multiple cameras.
One 4K Logitech camera.
One TV 55 "on a mobile stand.

When the cooperation is fun

One studio, many ways. Take a look at what our clients already shot and have the chance to see the space in several setups.

How much?

We will be more than happy to show you around the studio so you can jump right into creating.

nad cenu

1000 CZK per hour without VAT

In the case of long-term cooperation, the price can be negotiated individually.

Call us right away!
+420 734 746 923

Need more details?

Feel free to send us your requirements or give us a call and we will find the right solution for you.

Tereza Szkatulová

It doesn't matter if you want to shoot in the morning, in the night, at the weekend, with your own equipment, with a big crew or with a help of our service. We love challenging commissions as much as small custom orders.

Tereza Szkatulová, event manager