Meeting rooms in Smíchov for a good price

Do you need a meeting room for a team meeting, consultation, business meeting or even for an interview? Then go ahead, nothing prevents you from booking it.

Why in Impact Hub

Even if you "only" rent a meeting room for an hour, we will be fully at your disposal. No event is too small for us and we treat all our customers with the same passion.

Good accessibility in Smichov

We can comfortably seat up to 18 people

Price from 500 CZK per hour excluding VAT

Rooms equipped with LCD TV and wifi

Self-service bar available

We are here for you throughout the whole rental

Together we will figure it out

You are looking for a meeting room, we are offering some. Email us, call us or fill in the form; it doesn't matter, we will dedicate ourselves to you with the same passion and commitment.


Na telefonu jsme každý pracovní den

od 8:30 do 18:30.

Every weekday

from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm.


Denisa Bittner

Naše šikovná evenťačka, která se svým týmem udělá vše proto, aby byl váš pronájem podle vašich představ.

Denisa Bittner

Our skilled event planner and her team will do everything to make your rental the way you want it.


Take a look at all the spaces we have available.


We can arrange an event with catering, promotion or recording... you name it.


Take a look at the types of events we have suitable spaces for and get inspired.