Private office and full professional service

Is a furnished office without worries what you need? We’re offering equipped private and shared spaces with energy, services, and meeting rooms included. Come and see our offices in Smíchov or Vinohrady and choose the one that suits you. 

For an individual or a large team

There's no way we could fit the benefits of your membership on one page. However, one thing is certain: We’re offering a comfortable, secure, and flexible space. We’ll take care of all your needs under one roof.

variable rental and termination conditions
cleaning, reception, press and bar, everything provided
representative meeting rooms
24/7 access to own and shared spaces
service of our office manager
rest areas, terrace / garden etc.

Something extra

You don’t have to limit yourself by renting one office or overpaying for half-empty spaces. Our services can be combined in various ways, and we offer discounted company packages. Part of the team can utilize coworking options, use fixed tables, or come to work only in the evenings. You’ll still be under one roof, but without worries and obligations.

Complete solution on call

Would you like to get more information about the lease or come see our premises? Let us know and we’ll get in touch with you soon.

Tomáš Ctibor

„I consider flexibility in terms of the required space in place and time the greatest advantage. This eliminates so much operational trouble and, last but not least, I enjoy the diversity of people I meet every day. You are not simply working behind closed doors all the time.“

Tomáš Ctibor, founder 4ct

Matt Dreier

„Being based in the Impact Hub is an excellent negotiation advantage because bringing people here is much more interesting than inviting them to a regular office. In addition, it feels great to be surrounded by like-minded freelancers and business people.“

Matt Dreier, founder ProductLogIQ

Petr Skondrojanis

Impact Hub was the very first company we presented at If we were to choose a place where we feel great, it would be here. Our claim is to “Keep yourself in good company” and at Hub, you’ll actually be doing just that!

Petr Skondrojanis, founder of

In good company

Our locations are the home of start-ups, small as well as big businesses. We will find a solution for you. Meet some of our tenants. We can connect you together at any time.

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