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New merger, new opportunities

After months of meetings, we are tremendously excited to announce our official merger with the K10 Coworking space. We are standing at very beginning of… Více

Foreigners: a Startup Become an International Company With an Exclusive Offer

Make expats feel at home in a new country. This has been the motto of the Foreigners agency since the beginning. Back in 2009, two… Více

Ten Finalists with ideas to harness technological change selected

Ten Finalists with ideas to harness technological change selected in European Social Innovation Competition: ‘Equality Rebooted’ – Social innovators from across Europe to compete for… Více

3 ways to fail forward – lessons from social entrepreneurs

Every entrepreneur runs into obstacles. They’re just not always comfortable talking about it. But at Impact Hub Amsterdam we believe that experimentation and failing forward… Více

Impactful Summer Holidays

This great article is originally from blog of Impact Hub Vienna. The author is Jennifer Cornick, freelance journalist and blogger for various publications in Vienna.… Více

European Social Innovation Competition 2017 – Equality Rebooted

European societies are transforming rapidly due to technological change. Trends such as digitalization and automation are changing the way we live and work faster than… Více

6 ways to flourish as a female entrepreneur

The title shouldn’t deceive you. No matter if male or female entrepreneurs, we all need tips on how to find a co-founder or how to… Více

Life Tip: Let The Tool Do The Work

When I was just a kid, my father let me help him with projects around the house. One Friday evening, we were in the workshop… Více

“Social entrepreneurs are brave and passionate people, who are not afraid to fight the windmills,” – Nikoleta Kosovac

Social Impact Award present… Nikoleta Kosovac is a coordinator of the street papers Liceulice, as well as SIA Serbia 2016 Jury member. She joined Social… Více

Solving Homelessness Through Good Design

Indeed, at times, the scope of the job seems insurmountable, with estimates of 1.6 billion people lacking adequate housing around the world and 78 million… Více