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Coworking is a 3-in-1 solution: a café, a comfortable workspace and business services, all as a practical package. We don’t do notice periods, advance payments or complicated contracts. You are the one who gets to decide how and when you wish to use your hours.

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Ten bonus benefits

access to all shared areas
community manager support
discounted meeting and conference room rentals
access to locations in Prague 2, Prague 5, Brno and Ostrava
1700+ verified contacts
entry to special events
bar stocked with coffee and high-quality snacks
full range of office equipment
you will feel right at home at 100+ Impact Hub locations around the world

Wide variety of options

Check out our price list, pick the right location or request a free day in our spaces.

Impact Hub Praha K10

Space details
10 hours per month CZK 890
30 hours per month CZK 1 890
60 hours per month CZK 2 890
100 hours per month CZK 3 890
Off peak unlimited access outside opening hours and on weekends CZK 2 890
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All prices include VAT.

Impact Hub Praha D10

Space details
10 hours per month CZK 790
30 hours per month CZK 1 790
60 hours per month CZK 2 490
100 hours per month CZK 3 190
Off peak unlimited access outside opening hours and on weekends CZK 2 490
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All prices include VAT.

Andrej Štinčík

"You don’t have to buy a printer, a coffee machine and high-quality furniture, deal with paperwork, utilities or long-term leases. Our comprehensive services are automatically included in the tariff fees and you can focus on what really matters. Your business."

Andrej Štinčík, COO Impact Hub Prague

Partner deals

As a member, you can save up to 50% or CZK 10,000 per year. We offer a full range of benefits: marketing services, fitness services, personal development, legal and HR services, business tools and discounts on products and shipping.

Tariffs that fit

Would you like to get unlimited access to our spaces or your own dedicated desk or office? We can do that for you!

Virtual Membership

All the membership benefits from the comfort of your home.

Day pass

You come and you work. With no commitment until the end of our business hours.

Limited tariffs

10-100 hours per month. You choose how many hours you need.

Unlimited access

Day, night, weekends. Come whenever you want.

Fix desk

A desk and a chair reserved for you. With 24/7 access.


Offices for small and large teams.

Knowledge from the best

Develop your project with Google experts and mentors. Online and for free.

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