Renting a space, and what else?

Make it as easy as possible for yourself. We can handle refreshments for guests, filming and photography at the event or its promotion. Take a look at what we can do and we'll discuss everything together when you book your space.

Expand your marketing channels

Invite our community to your event. Choose what works best for you from our promotional packages. P. S. Basics are free!

Don't leave your guests hungry

Sweet, savory, small coffee breaks or all-day snacks. Choose from our proven options, hassle-free and fast.

Shoot or livestream

Not you, but our studio pros. Take a look at what we can do and what we've already implemented and tell us how you envision it.


Important part of a memorable event is a flawless catering. Choose from freshly prepared coffee break variations and don't let your guests go hungry.


Expand your promotional channels. Choose from the packages we offer and we'll let our members and/or the public know about your event.


Real-time stream your event to a larger audience, have video or photos created. All of that thanks to our studio, which we have under the same roof.

Together we will figure it out

You are looking for a event venue, we are offering it. Email us, call us or fill in the form; it doesn't matter, we will dedicate ourselves to you with the same passion and commitment. Let's put together an event you'll remember with pleasure.


Na telefonu jsme každý pracovní den

od 8:30 do 18:30.

Every weekday

from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm.


Denisa Bittner

Naše šikovná evenťačka, která se svým týmem udělá vše proto, aby byl váš pronájem podle vašich představ.

Denisa Bittner

Our skilled event planner and her team will do everything to make your rental the way you want it.