We enjoy creating a space for inventive people

Our fundamental values are trust, courage and cooperation. We believe that together we can change a lot. And there are more than 17,500 of us all over the world doing exactly that.

Impacz Hub Islington - the first Impact Hub ever

The story begins

In London, Jonathan Robinson establishes the very first Hub in the world, an incubator of social innovation and a platform supporting social businesses. The concept soon spreads to Tel Aviv, São Paulo, Stockholm and Amsterdam.

Amnesty International

Amnesty connects

The core members of our team get together while working for Amnesty International. We meet Jonathan and become very excited by the prospect of shared space. Petr Vítek, Jakub Mareš, Zdeněk Rudolský and Petr Baše decide to set up the first Czech Hub – one of the quickest and best decisions we have ever made.

Rekonstrukce prostor v Praze

Lights, camera... action!

After a record-breaking nine months, we have funds loaned by friends and the space refurbished, and so starts historically only the second co-working space in Prague. Six people and one rabbit hold their breath to see how it goes.

Panorama Brna

Operation Mitosis

Groundwork for our dream to open Hubs in Brno and Ostrava starts. We have established that the concept of shared space works and would like to transfer it to other cities too. What we, however, don’t know at this point is that we are in for a patience-testing rollercoaster ride full of twists and turns.

MashUp v Impact Hub Praha

Step by step

Things are gradually picking up speed: we have 2000 visitors per year, organize 150 events and have 200 members. We practically always have queues around the block and so decide to build a second bar and a conference room, just to be on the safe side.

Muhammad Yunus


We want to show everyone what we believe in, thus the Seven Principles of Social Business by Muhammad Yunus are proudly displayed by the entrance and the first year of the Social Impact Awards, a competition for young social innovators, takes place.

Slavnostní otevření druhého patra v Impact Hub Praha

Stairway to heaven

Gazing at the stars, we wish we were closer. So we build a stairway to heaven and with great pomp and ceremony open the second floor. Our Hub now covers an area of 1200m2 and has new workspaces, more offices and finally a lounge too!

Zleva: Robert Tůma, Jakub Mareš, Petr Vítek, Zdeněk Rudolský

The four musketeers

In comes Robert Tůma, a long-standing Hub friend, supporter and mentor of the Social Impact Award, who joins our team and becomes an investor regarding the expansion of Hub to Brno and Ostrava.

Tým Impact Hub Praha

Ocean's 22

With the arrival of our twenty-second member we became the most numerous Hub in the world. Am I not right, Petr, Kuba, Zdeněk, Martin, Bára, Lu, Veru, Martina, Roman, Kristýna, Lucie, Káťa, Hanka, David, Evka, Danka, Anička, Iris, Dávid, Duško, Peťa and Vojta?

Petr Vítek se zástupci našich sesterských Hubů

Midwifery for beginners

We help sister Hubs in Bratislava and Yerevan to come into the world. We spend hours on the phone, exchange hundreds of e-mails and basically do all we can so that our little siblings soon transform into fully-fledged work places.

Rodičovské dovolené, kam se podíváš

Baby virus

A highly contagious virus called “baby” sweeps through the Hub. Four female team members are affected at almost the same time, and after nine months of furious battling have to resort to taking temporary leave.

Katedrála Santa Maria del Fiore ve Florencii

La dolce vita

Italophiles and Hub-lovers embark on a legendary roadtrip around foreign Hubs. In a van we speed down the autostradas, visiting our brothers-in-arms in Milan, Rovereto and Florence, learning how to cook the Hub the Italian way.

Oslavy 4. narozenin Impact Hub Praha

Four candles on the cake

We are celebrating. Four brilliant years under our belt, surrounded by four hundred members. And while blowing out the candles, our brains fill with four million ideas of how to make the Hub an even better place to work, meet and advance businesses.

Tým Impact Hub Praha v plném zápalu během rekonstrukce


New members come and never want to leave. When even 150 workstations don’t cover our needs, our neighbour luckily leaves the premises next door. Armed with hammers, drills and other assorted heavy machinery, we enlarge our space by another 500m2. Three months later we have a new lounge, three meeting rooms and many new office spaces.

Paletka Impact Hub MashUp

The anniversary climb onto the pallet

For the twentieth time, the bold and the stout-hearted step into the limelight to present their projects. A record-breaking 250 people visit the anniversary Hub MashUp and the applause never ends.

Oslavy pátých narozenin Impact Hub Praha

Five stars

The first “Five-Year Plan” is over and it has completely exceeded all of our expectations. At our 5* Party we all wipe a tear or two during touching congratulations we are just stunned how amazing everybody looks tonight.

Účastníci akcelerátoru Impact Hub 100-day Challenge

Challenge accepted

We are successfully closing the pilot phase of our new fast accelerating program. No matter what is the phase of its development or what is its focus, any ambitious project can apply for the Impact Hub 100-day Challenge. Tens of high-quality mentors and consultants have our back and are as willing and as devoted to help as we are!

Impact Hub ve světě

Global Passport

The Impact Hub family is located in over 80 locations and as we desire to connect it we are introducing new possibilities to our members. Now they can travel to all Hub's locations in the world and enjoy the community and work space similar to ours - all included in their membership fee.

Členská zeď

Springing up like mushrooms

We have exceeded the number of 600 members and we have more of them than all other competitive spaces in the entire Czech Republic together. We are very flattered and have set ourselves a goal to bring more great services to life. (And secretly, we are considering an occupation of Prague Airport 🙂 )

Moderátoři Impact Hub MashUp

MashUp conqueres the world

We hosted very favourite Impact Hub MashUp for the 30th time and thanks to us, it is being hosted in other 20 countries of the world. Now we only have the remaining 40 to entice!

Day Pass v Impact Hubu

One day at Hub

Our doors are now open also to those, who are not our members yet. They can acquire a Day Pass and enjoy the first-hand experience of the shared co-working spaces and the world of our members.

Impact Hub in numbers

Source of all data dislayed on this page: quantitative survey among Impact Hub members in 2015

1,300 Impact Hub members in the Czech Republic
17,500+ Impact Hub members worldwide


We have developers, recruiters, human rights fighters, psychologists, social innovators, marketing professionals and even private detectives among our members.

Information Technology 22 %
Education 15 %
Media and Marketing 13 %
Architecture and Design 8 %
Finance and Investment 6 %
Other 27 %
57 % Hub members are happy to offer their time to others pro bono
3 hours per month Hubbers spend by either giving or receiving feedback from fellow members or networking

48 %

members state that Impact Hub played a significant role in their work success

64 %

of them list Impact Hub membership as key motivational factor in pursuing their professional aims and „doing what they love the most“

32 %

members think that acceleration activities and support helped them to boost their business

47 %

members were inspired to launch new projects when they joined Hub


on average is the number of useful contacts that a member receives in a year at Hub

25 %

of business cases would have never have happened without the ever present atmosphere of trust and respect that is common within the Hub community

60 % members feel it is important to be a part of a global community in order to bring their business to international level

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