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Be part of a successful community regardless of where you are located. Our Connect tariff brings you new contacts and excellent deals. It is essentially a ticket to a world of enthusiastic business-minded individuals.

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In good company

1700+ verified contacts
∞ free entry to our events
3 guaranteed connections
25% off room rentals
support for your event

Membership for next to nothing

Impact Hub has 100+ locations with 17,000 members on board worldwide. It definitely pays off to be part of it all as good contacts are priceless.


CZK 350 per month inc. VAT

Bára Puchlová

"Connect puts you within reach of new contacts and connections, unique projects and entry to social and educational events. Our partner deals that can help you save a lot of money are the cherry on the cake. If you wish to learn more, send us a message!"

Bára Puchlová, Community Support

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Partner deals

As a member, you can save up to 50% or CZK 10,000 per year. We offer a full range of benefits: marketing services, fitness services, personal development, legal and HR services, business tools and discounts on products and shipping.

Tariffs that fit

Would you like to explore the options of working at our locations? Our membership adapts to your needs. You can get a day pass, just a few hours a month or 24/7 access at locations near Anděl or Náměstí Míru as well as in Brno and Ostrava. Explore your options.

Virtual Membership

All the membership benefits from the comfort of your home.

Day pass

You come and you work. With no commitment until the end of our business hours.

Limited tariffs

10-100 hours per month. You choose how many hours you need.

Unlimited access

Day, night, weekends. Come whenever you want.

Fix desk

A desk and a chair reserved for you. With 24/7 access.


Offices for small and large teams.